We all know Kirby was the real victor

what have i eaten in the last three days ..?
4 slices of bread

a container of raspberries 

> tries to gain weight

> loses more than before and ends up being underweight



where’s that thing that’s just a picture of jennifer lawrence saying “gay rights!”


i found it


Since our pals at Mega64 are huge fans of Dragon Ball Z, we asked them to do their own trailer edit for #BattleofGods hitting theaters August 5th. You won’t believe what happens next!

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Ah yes, my favorite Final Fantasy character, Pac-Man

i love how the fact that i dont know how to do line art turns into my greatest point ..? ?  people like how my art looks messy and it stands out apparently even tho im literally just impatient and never learned how to color inside lines

ギガ&れをる ft. ルカ&リン - drop pop candy
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drop pop candy - GigaP & Reol ft. Kagamine Rin & Megurine Luka